How To Start Your First Business

You don’t have to go the standard “get a degree and get a job” route. As a matter of fact, to some of us, that sounds absolutely terrible! For those of you that want to turn a hobby into a side hustle, or turn your side hustle into a full fledged business the only thing stopping you….is you! There are a ton of resources that help veterans start businesses in your local area. Because of this, we have filmed a quick “tutorial” video that explains how you start a business and where you can find local support! (Read the video description).

Make sure you check out the video description as well because I have linked the most important resources that you will need to use to start your business!

The Small Business Administration: Why You Should Use it!

The best thing about the Small Business Administration is that it is free! You give them a call, schedule a meeting, and they will step you through the process from creating your Doing Business As (DBA), to taxes and licensing, to help with marketing and everything in between! If you’re wanting to start a sole proprietorship (easiest business structure) they should be the first stop on your list! For more complicated business structures like certain types of Limited Liability companies and Corporations, it might be best to use a different service…however, the SBA should be your first stop regardless. They will point you in the right direction regardless! Check out their site and find you local SBA HERE.

The Best Vetrepreneur Social Media Sites

The best place to learn tips and tricks as a vetrepreneur is to network with those who have walked in your shoes and are already in the trenches. Here are a few sites that you can plug into right now!

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