Step 3: Land the Job


As stated earlier, your resume is what opens the door for you. It doesn’t land you the job, or Skillbridge Internship. The interview is where the hiring official gets the chance to see what your personality is like! If they are interviewing correctly, they should be focusing on your “character” so now is the time for you to shine!

You could have the best resume in the world, but if you’re arrogant you aren’t going to be a good team player. This costs a company money because the team dynamics will be “off” and people won’t be able to contribute to their fullest potential. Aka…less sales will be made.

Another example. Let’s say the company is hiring a manager, and on paper he/she looks great. Also, somehow they are able to trick the hiring official into thinking they will do great things for the company and after the hire they start to show their true self. Let’s say they are narcissistic, or lack empathy, or maybe they don’t have a very solid grasp on team dynamics and how trust plays a critical role in accomplishing anything above mediocrity. This in turn wreaks havoc on the entire team costing the company tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales and opportunities cost. THIS is why interviews are taken extremely serious and you should also view them as such (through the lens of the hiring official).

Click the above picture to see what a bad hire actually costs companies!

So, be the person that has researched the entire company and their Skillbridge opportunity. SMILE. SHOW the hiring official that you have Drive, Resiliency Adaptability, Humility, Integrity, Effective intelligence, Team-ability, Curiosity and Emotional strength soft skills. Some people are just naturally like this….others have to work very hard at it. Sometimes it takes a VERY great deal of self-reflection. However, once you “get-it” you’re 90 percent ahead of your competition! Just remember….actions always speak louder than words so PROVE what you said during the interview and you will go far!

Alright, let’s get into some interviewing steps!

Research The Company

The below video is a “diamond in the rough” in my personal opinion. It was recorded by none other than the legend himself Mr. Jordie Kern, the founder of 7 Eagle Group!

Conduct The Interview

The moment you have been waiting for! If you started from step 1 of our checklist, you are no doubt on your way to success! Everything you learned thus far comes down to this one moment….the actual interview process! The below video is a great example of how to conduct yourself during the interview but don’t stop there. Do your research on this topic using YouTube. Pay close attention to the most popular videos (they are popular for a reason).

Negotiate Your Salary (After The Job Offer)

The time to negotiate salary is NOT during the interview! This will come off as self-serving and the last thing you want to do after so much work is to plant a negative image into the hiring officials mind. Remember…there are other people applying for the same job or Skillbridge Opportunity. The time to negotiate your salary is AFTER you receive a job offer!

I think the below video does a great job explaining this and what you should be doing!

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