Step 2 Network

Now that you know what you want to do after the military, it’s time to start networking with the right people to land a job! Start searching for hiring managers, recruiters, and people who have already transitioned that are in the field where you want to work. Add them to your network, read, like, and comment on their posts (gain their trust first), THEN send them messages!

Think of it like this. If a random stranger approaches you and starts asking random questions about your daily life, are you going to be inclined to answer them? Maybe a little, but not really. However, if someone you know and trust asks these same questions, you are probably going to help them (in detail) on what to do, who to talk to, do’s and don’ts of the industry, etc… So, just be authentic and approach each conversation with someone as a potential friend. You will get MUCH further!

You will need to create a professional, optimized LinkedIn profile. Something that can be used as a tool for recruiters and hiring managers looking to fill jobs. They have search tools they can use to filter out the wrong people so make sure you aren’t on that list. How do you do that? Check out this article and HERE and learn how!

DoD SkillBridge Companies

If you are researching companies, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to FIRST make sure they are on the approved DoD SkillBridge List. You can find approved SkillBridge companies on the official DoD SkillBridge website HERE.

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