Step 1: Planning and Preparation

The time to start planning your transition from the military isn’t during TAPS! This is something you NEED to have on the forefront of your mind during your entire time in the service if you only plan to enlist for four or six years. What do you actually WANT to do? This is the key!

After a ton of conversations with hiring managers and recruiters there seems to be a trend. Most of us that are transitioning from the military have NO idea what we want to do! This is bad! Why? Because we waste years serving on active duty full-fulling goals that have nothing to do with what actually motivates us. This turns into wasted Tuition Assistance, G.I. Bill funds, and COOL certs on something “someone” told us we ought to do. DON’T do that!

Below you will see two “Interest Profilers”. These are in-depth questionnaires that will help you discover what truly makes you happy. Do this super early, preferably before you start plugging away at your degree while using Tuition Assistance.

Example: Johnny or Sarah just finished their upgrade training at their first duty station. Because they did their research they know to complete an interest profiler questionnaire. This shows them that they would be really happy learning Subject X, Y, or Z. Fast forward 4 or 6 years….Johnny and Sarah have a bachelor’s, or certifications in something they WANT to do after they separate from the military. They live a happy life!

Makes sense right?! This most certainly isn’t the case for most people so understand it is NEVER to late to start. All right…moving on.

Complete An Interest/Aptitude Assessment As Shown Below

Click each picture below to navigate to the interest profiler.

Career Scope Assessment Tool
O’Net Interest Profiler

Learn How To Navigate the DoD SkillBridge Site

The below video is a quick walk-through of the official DoD SkillBridge site. The key here is to see if there is an internship that matches your interests based off of your results from the above profiler sites.

Can’t Do Skillbridge? No Worries!

If a Skillbridge opportunity isn’t available, or if your command won’t release you it’s OK. There are many other avenues you can take to be highly successful after your separation from the military. If this is your scenario, click HERE and learn about apprenticeship programs.

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