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The most important thing to understand when transitioning from the military is truly figuring out what you WANT to do when you separate or retire. How hard you hustle (network) will depend on your success.

Below you will find national recruiting agencies that specialize in placing transitioning service members and veterans with companies across the nation. Each agency listed has already been vetted through the DoD SkillBridge site and will be able to assist you with your transition…free of charge. They make their profits by placing members into the correct positions that fit their talents and collect a “finders fee” from the employer who needs YOU! Click on each picture to check out their website/what they offer.

7 Eagle Group (Connects Military Veterans and Transitioning Service Members with Careers in Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies. They also have a really good podcast called “7 Echo” Check it our HERE. So far, in my personal opinion, they are unbelievably approachable. I have spoken one on one with the founder, “Jordie Kern” multiple times now and am more impressed with his character each time we speak. Just an unbelievable (has your back) kind of guy! Check them out if Cyber Security or Technology is your thing!

Recruit military is one of the nations largest agencies and has made connections with thousands of business owners. They specialize in everything and have a phenomenal skillbridge program. I have personally spoken with “Tim Best“, who like Jordie Kern above is just an awesome person in general. He and “Chris Newsome” are the real deal and are here to place you into your next career. Chris was also in the military as well and is a combat veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne Division with the Army!

HireMilitary is another HUGE player on the recruiting field!  I actually talk to “Matt Hart” who is an account manager there often!  Matt is a Marine Corps veteran and a VERY solid guy!  He, like all of the HireMilitary professionals know their stuff and are connected to a ton of opportunities across the nation!  I would 100 percent recommend checking them out!

Hiring our Heroes is one of the largest, and most respected recruiting agencies in the nation (my opinion based on what I have read and seen). They have been around for a VERY long time and have thousands of connections across the nation. They have fellowship programs that will allow you to intern at a TON of different companies that fit your niche! Reach out to them and start asking questions!

When I met “John Tansill“, the Director of Veteran Affairs at SkillStorm, I was completely blown away. Here is a guy (Marine) that is leading part of this massive company that focuses heavily on technology, who not only takes time out of his day to reply back to me…but to schedule a phone call and zoom meeting! The guy is the real deal and SkillStorm is an awesome opportunity if you’re wanting to get into tech.

Know Your Opportunity is ran by Jeremy Lowell, an Army combat veteran that supported Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, and Operation Enduring Freedom. He and his team are incredibly passionate and have a phenomenal SkillBridge program. I know they are going to put your needs first and they are definitely worthy of a permanent spot here! They specialize in Digital Marketing, Business Development, Operations Consultant, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) ZOHO software. You will conduct your internship with the KYO opportunity and gain the skills necessary for pathways in the above opportunities! Click their logo to check them out/sign up!

The above list of providers will continue to grow as I reach out to more people on LinkedIn and establish a relationship.

For now, check out the authorized DoD SkillBridge Companies via the skillbridge site below. The link will take you straight to all of the vetted companies that have an internship program. Pro Tip: Use the search bar and narrow down your results to opportunities that align with what you want to do when you separate!

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