Mentors For Transitioning Military Members

Let’s talk about two companies that will help your transition from the military exponentially! They are Veterati, and American Corporate Partners! Both organizations are here to help you with a myriad of topics to set you up for success! This can be anything from resume writing, to networking with the right business professionals within the niche you want to join after your military service.

As you venture into unchartered territory, you will obviously have a ton of questions. But who answers those for you? Are you really supposed to just network on LinkedIn? The answer to that is no! Yes, LinkedIn is a great tool, but finding a mentor will get you on the right track from the absolute get-go! This is such an important step to think about BEFORE your transition so don’t waste any time signing up for one of the organizations. It’s free, and the professionals there will ensure you are taken care of!

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