Find A Mentor

Why Is This Important?!

Linking up with a mentor will give you direct access and assistance into the niche you want to work in after your military transition! It’s also free! Typical questions are shown below.

  • Résumé review and interview preparation
  • Career exploration
  • Work-life balance
  • Networking
  • Small business development
  • Leadership and professional communication

Company: Veterati

Click on the Veterati logo to check out their site!

One of the most important aspects in the network phase is finding a mentor. One of these platforms is Veterati! Here is the verbiage from their site. “Join thousands of Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses in setting up free 1-hr mentorship phone calls with successful professionals. We’re the only Veteran Mentorship Platform to let you choose your own mentors and as many as you would like; our average member selects 4 mentors, and some mentees have 25+ mentors! Create a free profile at Veterati to get unlimited access to thousands of volunteer mentors: CEOs, recruiters, entrepreneurs, managers, Veterans & civilians alike.”

Company: American Corporate Partners

Click on the ACP logo to view their veteran application screen!

Another honorable mention is American Corporate Partners! Like Veterati, they are here to help you with a myriad of topics linking you with a mentor for one year! Each month the mentor checks up on your progress to see where you are at.

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