Get On LinkedIn

Step 1: Get Your 1 Year Free Subscription

LinkedIn offers all transitioning military members a one year free subscription to their platform. Line this up with your separation date so that you are using it at the right time in your career. Example, if you separate in July of 2029, you should request your free membership in June of 2028! The reason the membership is so important is because you can’t directly message someone that isn’t your “friend”. LinkedIn calls this your “network”. This makes it very difficult to reach out to people in your niche to start a conversation. It can be done, you just have to request to be in their network first.

The below video will show you how to set up your 1 year membership! Watch this, and once you profile is complete, proceed to step 2!

Step 2: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

You need to create a professional, optimized profile. This will help people outside of your network to discover you, such as recruiters, and business owners. They have search tools through a paid LinkedIn plan that they can use to filter out the wrong people so make sure you aren’t on that list. How do you do that? Check out this article and HERE and learn how!

Step 3: Start Messaging People

The above graphic is a snippet of the LinkedIn search bar. Type in any company name here as well as recruiter. Example “Boeing Recruiter”. Then hit the search button. This is going to populate a list of current recruiters that work at Boeing! Just send them a message and start networking. Another way to filter out people and search ONLY for recruiters is to type in the company name and then click people. Example, let’s say you search for “Amazon”. This is going to populate a huge list of Amazon employees but you need to find the recruiters! More specifically, the military recruiters that are looking for transitioning service members and veterans! Just click “People” and filter the results! Now, you can read their profiles and find the specific person you need to reach out to!

You might ask yourself, “what should a message look like that I send to a recruiter for company X, Y, or Z”? The answer, is this…just be genuine. Check out some really good message examples HERE.

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