How To Get Your Free LinkedIn Membership

Transitioning service members! Did you know that you qualify for a free one year LinkedIn subscription? You might ask yourself, why would I even care about that! That’s a standard question for many people so if you think that, you aren’t alone. Think of LinkedIn as a way to network with business owners, recruiters, and human resources professionals in a niche that interests you! With a paid membership (yours will be free for 1 year) you will be able to directly message people that aren’t in your network. Think of Facebook. When you find someone, you can reach out and message them directly, there is nothing blocking you from doing that. This is quite the opposite on LinkedIn! If someone isn’t in your network (network is another name for friend) you can’t send them message without a premium account! This is where the 1 year free membership for transitioning military members is so valuable. Let’s say you are 2 years from separation or retirement and you “kind of” have an idea as to what you want to be when you grow up! What do you do? Who do you reach out to? How do you LEARN the language of the niche professionals so you can land a post service career? Well, the answer is simple. You create a professional LinkedIn account, use your 1 year free subscription, and you start networking with professionals that are already doing what you want to do when you separate or retire!

If you’re ready to start your membership check out this walkthrough video! I created mine just to show you how it’s done! – Keith

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