DoD SkillBridge: You Don’t “Need” It To Be Successful!

The DoD SkillBridge program is becoming incredibly popular, but what are you supposed to do if your command won’t release you? This is a story I hear about time and time again within our Facebook Group “Skillbridge and Veteran Employment Network“. It’s true, SkillBridge is NOT an entitlement and completely depends on your manning. Your unit commander (with the advice of your local senior enlisted leaders) is the person that says “go” or “no-go”.

You might think that this is a devastating blow, but please look past the short term consequences. There are thousands of opportunities that are NOT SkillBridge related that you can take advantage of! And truly, at the end of the day…if you are active and engaged one year prior to your separation, your chances of success are tremendous.

There is a program called that is basically the same thing as the DoD SkillBridge program, but it is tailored to veterans (people who have already separated). I would highly recommend checking this site out, but it’s not the only resource available to you! There are a ton of recruiting agencies that have worked tirelessly to connect with companies across the nation that want to hire veterans. Bottom line, veterans are excellent employees. Tap into these recruiting agencies and find a program that fits you! Try to save at least 30 days of leave before you separate and use that time to relocate, intern, and get hired!

The DoD SkillBridge program (in my personal opinion) is the best resource for military members since the inception of tuition assistance…but it’s not the end all be all. Don’t give up. Keep pushing, networking, and learning. Failure only comes to those who give up and we aren’t designed to quit.

Keith Heimericks – Founder of SkillBridge and Veteran Employment Network.

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