DoD Skillbridge, Informational Interviews

Learning about, and conducting Informational Interviews is one of the most important steps when networking. This is when you reach out to someone already working in the field where you want to be after the military. There are many platforms you can do this on, but I am going to stick with LinkedIn as it’s the main “job” related site where people could expect a message from a stranger! 

I personally think the earlier in your enlistment you do this the better. Don’t waste your time earning a degree or certification in something that doesn’t interest you! What do I mean?! If you do the informational interview with people on LinkedIn (half-way through your enlistment) and learn that you don’t like your original career path you just wasted a ton of time and energy! Do them early, know your “why”, THEN get your education through Tuition Assistance and COOL funding while active duty! Save your GI Bill (if you can).

Learn everything you need to know about informational interviews HERE. Or click the image above.

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