DoD Skillbridge: Where To Start

Before you even consider reaching out to recruiting agencies, or creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, you need to do this one thing first. Start learning your branch of services requirements. Everything has been laid out for you, and even if you found the best opportunity ever, it won’t matter if you don’t know how to apply! Each branch is different! Check out the below screenshot from the DoD SkillBridge website. These references are specific to your branch. Click this LINK to go to DoD SkillBridge/References.

DoD Skillbridge References

Now, you can make this easier on yourself by clicking Ctrl F and searching for “Skillbridge” throughout each document. This will take you to the information you NEED to know. Such as, where do you apply? How to get an internship approved through your TAPS or education office. Who do you talk to about your leave, house hunting, a resume, a PLAN!

Each base you are stationed at will have a subject matter expert that is required to help your transitioning journey. Example, for Air Force members it’s the Base Education Office to start your Skillbridge opportunity, and the Airman Family Readiness Center to discuss TAPS. Read your references and learn the appropriate names of your agencies, reach out to them, and start the process! THEN…check out recruiting agencies, start networking on LinkedIn, etc! Pro Tip: Save a ton of time and headache by using the resources (Your transition in 3 steps)

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