DoD Skillbridge Course

I had an economics professor years ago that said, and I quote “I didn’t really know economics until I started teaching it!” I think this rings true for a myriad of topics. It’s a phenomenal way to hone a skill. As a matter of fact, it’s exactly what we model in the military…at least in the Air Force. Observe, learn, teach, inspire! Train your replacements!

I developed this “Crash Course” so it could be instructed by mentors across the globe. It’s one thing to teach something yourself on an online platform….it’s ENTIRELY different when equipping rockstars with the tools to develop and inspire their teams at the local level. Hopefully you get something from this, and more importantly, I sincerely hope you learn how to land your dream career!

From one vet to another….I have your back. Keith Heimericks: Founder of SkillBridge Network

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