Gain IT and Coding Experience While Being a Gas Pumper in the Military!

What do you do if you are faced with a problem?  For example…your brakes sound like metal rubbing against metal even when you aren’t pressing the pad!  Do you take it to a repair shop, or do you pull up your sleeves and fix the problem?

Mentors For Transitioning Military Members

Let’s talk about two companies that will help your transition from the military exponentially! They are Veterati, and American Corporate Partners! Both organizations are here to help you with a myriad of topics to set you up for success! This can be anything from resume writing, to networking with the right business professionals within the… Continue reading Mentors For Transitioning Military Members

File Your Taxes For Free!

Active duty service members, you can file your taxes for free! Military One Source and the DoD have partnered with leading tax services and have established an online tax platform. If you’re an E-1 through E-4 with no dependents your taxes are super easy to file! Just follow the guide on this site with your… Continue reading File Your Taxes For Free!