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Learn How to Transition From the Military

Transitioning from the military is incredibly stressful. We are here to help you with that! We have streamlined your transition into three easy steps that will teach you the absolute “must-do’s”. This process actually starts the day you arrive at your first duty station! If you are behind the power curve that is completely fine…just follow the steps, work hard, network, and land a great post service career.

Our checklist is heavily SkillBridge driven, but please keep in mind that SkillBridge is only one of many opportunities that you can capitalize on! For more opportunities, check out the “Resources For Veterans” page. Below is an example of our checklist. This can be accessed in our menu above, or by clicking HERE.

SkillBridge Companies: Check Out Opportunities!

Learn about internships, apprenticeships, training, and military friendly recruiting agencies like 7 Eagle Group, SkillStorm, Hiring Our Hereos, Recruit Military, Hire Heroes, Amazon, Boeing, and everything in Between!

Resume Tips and Templates

Learn how to write a resume from scratch! Thousands of free templates available with easy to understand training! Click HERE to learn how!

Find A Mentor

Link up with a mentor on Veterati or with American Corporate Partnerships.

Veteran Network Hub

The SkillBridge program is only one of MANY that help transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses find jobs! Check out our veteran network hub to learn about the apprenticeship program, resources, employment opportunities, etc! Click HERE or the above image to learn more!

Learn How To Start a Business

Want to start a business? You’re in the right spot! Learn everything from creation and taxes, to marketing and advertising here! There are a ton of resources for veterans wanting to start a business and this portion of the site will link you to the required sources in your local area! It also includes tips and tricks from a seasoned pro…yours truly! Video walkthroughs included!

For Veterans and Military Spouses: Our Job Board!

I have teamed up with Recruit Military and am utilizing their job board on this site! What does this mean for you? They are one of the nations largest recruiting firms specializing in the placement of veterans. Each job listed is specifically for a veteran! All you need is a resume!

Our Blog

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Resources For Vets In One Location!

No more searching the far ends of the internet to learn about veteran programs! Everything from employment and education benefits, to starting your first business! Content is centralized here and on our YouTube channel!